About Laura

Name: Laura Luminita Vargha
Born: June, 1972 in Romania
Hometown: Vienna, Austria
Favorite quote: “home is where your heart is”
Favorite food: everything with avocados
Favorite wine: Biblinos Rosé, Biblia Chora
Weakness: shoes and sweets
Favorite person: my mom
What I love: my family, my friends, food, sun, the sound of the sea and my work
Proud: of my niece

Welcome to my “therapie zone”. I am not a writer. I am not a journalist. I am not a blogger. I am a pure soul and finally I am living the life I choose to live.
Some people need a coach, others need pills, a lot don’t really care but I’m talking and writing about it. About everything that bothers me. About my thoughts.
I’m a very open person and I like to talk about my feelings, being vulnerable and sensitive. Talking about it helps me and might help others as well. Just knowing that there is someone who thinks similarly to you, working on almost the same tasks and challenges as you, makes everything a little bit easier. You are not alone!
Sharing feelings and experiences is helpful to me. It’s liberating (it might sound weird) and gives me the opportunity to see myself from different angles: evolving, developing, changing, growing, understanding, accepting and loving.
I don’t care much about what people think about me. Not anymore! It wasn’t always like this. I was always keen to please everyone, to be everybody’s darling… it didn’t work out well, I can tell you.
Well, now I’ve found my true self, I know who I am and I don’t want to please anyone anymore. I am simply genuine the way that I am, my true self. I’m a “pure soul” for everyone who wants to be around me or with me.

I am ME. I am not responsible for anybodies happiness, just for my own. I am my own inspiration and my own challenger. I am not comparing myself and not comparing my life to others anymore. At least doing my best to stay in that sweet spot, as much as I can.

Through the sketchbooks you are going to learn more about me. Who I am and where I’m coming from, physically and spiritually.
Thank you for joining me on my path of truth and freedom!


Laura Luminita


PS: For the sake of authenticity, I usually write or record every tiny thought on my iPhone. No wonder my phone has become my „right hand“…

…one last thing: english isn’t my mother tongue. Sometimes you might feel amused while reading my sketchbooks. Keep calm and be kind!