Wishing for Mr. Right

Do YOU really know what you want?

I mean, go on Instagram. Everything is full of #manbun #sexybeards #beardandtattoo or however the HASHTAGMEN are named. All those sexy, half naked, handsome, #meSOhorny men. Popular because of his #lickmybody look or for his super sexy beard or manbun? Is it the #pleaseletmetouchyoursixpack body that attracts you? Is this the 2016 ideal man?

You see them and… a lot of expectations and wishes on your „list“, right? Do you feel confused about that? Sometimes? I do!

What do you really really want? What is on your list? His look or his personality? You want a daddy for your child or just a handsome lover/boyfriend/fiance/husband? What is your goal? What are your expectations? Where do you want to go with him, to bed or to the altar? Going on a one night stand, through 47 shades of lust or walking hand in hand on a beach watching the sunset? (and than going through the Kamasutra). Do you want someone to talk to? To travel with? To live happily ever after?

YOU need to ask yourself all those questions. YOU need to know who you are and where you go. YOU decide! BUT you need to know what YOU want! It’s all up to YOU.

Let go of all clichés and old beliefs. Let go of everything you’ve experienced before. Let go of the past. Let go of the „old“ YOU. Give a real man a real chance, give yourself a chance! Change your mindset. Be different and use your heart to see. Feel with your beautiful soul.

How do you want your man to be? Write it down spontaneously. Don’t think, listen to your heart.

I want him confident and happy by himself, not asking me to make him happy. I want him loving and caring and honest, strong and weak, open and free. I want him dancing the dance of life with me, sharing the love and freedom in a real, harmonious and true relationship.


PS: I’ve just got this in my mail. Matt has some tips:
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