Omg! There are so many! You’ll get dizzy by all the possibilities you have.

Do we have any chance ever, to get to know someone OUTSIDE? Outside the net, in the real world, I mean?

Remember the time when the first dating sites were coming up? It was something you’ve done secretly, decent, trying not to get „caught“. If you were searching for a partner, you felt sort of ashamed to tell someone that you’re DOING IT. Everyone was giving you that weird look (like you were running naked across the city just to get laid). It was a NO-NO (or I just felt disapproval).

Today it’s absolutely NORMAL. Now you can choose between different categories. The marketing and advertising is working nicely. I’ve tried to classify them, sorting a little bit out. You have:

  • High level dating sites – classy stuff though, you might pay for that and it seams to be serious. At least those guys are pretending to be searching for the right partner. You’ll find Elite Partners – for intellectual, Match – made in heaven, EHarmony – soul mates, Plenty of Fish – big catch lovers, Parship, eDarling and so on…
  • Another category is “cheat on your partner” or „booty call“ dating sites. I don’t think I’ll need to explain anything here.
  • AND there is SOCIAL MEDIA. They are not officially classified as dating sites (yet). But honey, you won’t believe (except you’ve experienced it) whats going on there. I’ve just recently noticed that men do contact women via DM (it took me ages to understand what DM means. HAHAHA! DIRECT MESSAGE ;-)).

It might be me, being too picky or spoiled. I really don’t know, but I can tell you about my experience from the last 2 years (I know, it’s a long time. I’m full of hope, so I don’t give up easily – or I’m a little dumb, no one can exactly tell). It was smashing!

First category: the ugly truth – either they don’t look like the guys that you see on their online profile pictures or the pictures were taken just after the graduation, after the WW2 or Woodstock. Whenever! Back than, when they where hot and fresh. Well, life is tough and s@#t happens. You might be very lucky and they do look the way you thought.

The chance that they might think that you are an item – ordered online – is 50/50.  As soon as they got to meet you (you – the new “purchase”) they transform into an octopus and/or a frog. Their hands are all over your body and their tongue searching for your lungs and trying to suffocate you… unexpected. I mean, WTF? Seriously? On a first date?

I didn’t tried the second category. I’m too shy 😉

The third category is… let’s say… weird, although social media DM is for sure the most exciting.

There is the pen pal who is never going to meet you, because he is probably married and his wife pregnant with their second child… Or, he is just not really interested in a long term relationship – he just want to know that there is a woman out there (not counting his mom) to whom he can say good morning and good night. He might be just interested in chatting and swapping pics, so he can get hard, while thinking of you.

And there are the OTHERS! Well, this experience is breathtaking, life changing, head shaking, laugh cramping, sometimes just surreal. You’ll never know what’s coming up next (HAHAHA). Eventually you’ll wake up, turn on your phone, have an innocent look on your IG and the first thing that pops up when you open your DM is someone’s “best part”! From different angles. WOW!!! Good morning everyone! Morning Glory for all the ladies in the social media world! Isn’t that exciting? Fascinating!

Yes, things are different now. Mankind has changed, media/social media is getting more important than ever before and humans are getting used to hide behind their screens and by doing that, not being vulnerable anymore. Virtual relationships, virtual sex, FaceTime private porns. That’s the reality. Once you get  bored and you’re not horny anymore – an easy click and all gone. Block the what’s app, snapchat, IG, FB and delete contact. SO EASY! No heartbreak drama anymore.

Whats wrong in this physical world? Where are the REAL people? Where are the REAL feelings, the REAL touch, the REAL relationships, the REAL dates, the REAL conversations?

Yeah, I know that all this is real too, but I mean where is the romance, where is the time when we used to call someone to talk and meet afterwards? Is it just me feeling this way? Am I “old school”?

The legend tells us, that there are people out there that got into a relationship or a happy marriage due to some universal magic or just because they’re really very fortunate. They are blessed!

Eventually it’s  just me attracting the „unwanted“.