Toy boys*

Toy boys*

Fascination of the lightness, easygoing and admiration.

Why do we need to classify, calling weird names on people they aren’t socially in the normative scheme. You are younger, he is older. He is younger you are older. Love doesn’t ask for age. Love doesn’t ask for timing. Love doesn’t ask for money or social status. Love happens. Love is!

Toy boys by definition means: a young man noted for his good looks and sexual prowess, especially one who maintains relationships with older, more powerful persons.(

What are these young men looking for? When you ask for their age, guess their answers. The highest will be 27! Yes, read it again…I am not kidding twentyf***something and that the oldest… Why do they feel attracted to women who could be their mothers?

For “safety” reasons, adding your date of birth to your Instagram account is a total must. Do you think that helps? Yeah, right! NOOO! Not a little. You feel bad talking to them and then telling them “Luke, I could be your mother!” You feel like Darth Vader… The dark side!

Younger men. It’s not JUST OR ONLY about their beautiful bodies, their innocent masculinity, their pretty faces and great toned shoulders. This is just the side dish. A super yummy side dish, but still – a side dish. The main course is the way they treat you. It’s about the appreciation. The way they look at you, while they are trying to absorb each and every word that is coming out of your mouth, over your red lips. It’s about the innocent way they’re blushing while they touch your knee, showing you that they would love to feel you, letting you see their desire and giving you all of them. You feel beautiful, young and fun. You’re laughing at each and every cute joke, so they feel great about making you happy. While you’re laughing you think about your wrinkles, if he can see them… but he doesn’t. He sees the true you, while you’re joyful, by yourself and you lighten his young heart and enhance he’s personal growth.
You feel needed and appreciated and you see the change that occurs.

Is it your young heart and your classy appearance? You’re quite “hot” for your age, toned body, well-maintained, pretty face and happy spirit. Is it the light that shines from within that’s so attractive? Now for you know exactly what you want and you are determined to get it? Does this impress and motivate them to grow, to develop their personality?

You try to understand: what’s about you, why do YOU attract those “kids”? Is the mother instinct, wanting to take care of someone who’s needs you could fulfill or is it him seeing the projection of his mother on you? Is it the Oedipus complex that’s overtaking? Is it about them wanting to feel like grown up men and thinking you are a cool MILF (without the “ M“ because you’re not a mother)?
Or are these young men just tired of girls who are obviously more interested in their phones: snapchatting their drunk friends, instagraming and chatting with 3 other guys (just for fun) and going out while wearing almost nothing on “f*** me pumps” and calling him gay because he talks about the “Nutcracker Ballet”?
I really don’t know. As far as I’ve experienced, they want to talk about art, music, simply about their thoughts. About something at least. They try to understand life! They want to grow up and be a man. They want the challenge.

Men at your own age are “afraid” of you. They don’t understand your “sophisticated” sense of humor and your intellect is scaring them. Men are afraid that they might fail. They can’t compete with you. They don’t understand that life isn’t a competition. Life is not “the hunger games”! They’re carrying around the ghosts of their ex wives and all their childhood fears, not even trying to touch that spot. They aren’t courageous. They don’t trust themselves and they’re having no faith. They try to hold you down so they might feel better – ALTHOUGH it’s not about them. It’s about YOU!
Please don’t judge them. They simply don’t know better. We all try our best and at some point we make decisions. Or not! At that point, your life is on command for you and you are not anymore the main character in your own movie. NO. You are just a little leaf gone with the wind of life.

…now YOU understand why younger men: NO ex wife, NO fear, NO great expectation, NO competition! Just pure trust, love and fun…well, maybe a little lust too.

Have you ever had that situation?

Are you attracted to younger men? I’ve always been. My boyfriends were 4 to 13 years younger. I’m not Madonna or JLo, but I know how they feel like with their young men.

Do young men approach you easily? I can’t count how many times it happens to me. I wish a 40 years old would approach with that self confidence and self esteem, without being arrogant.

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