„Age is just a number“

What I do to feel great and sexy

I do a lot! I do everything that feels good and fun to me. I eat organic food, I exercise on a regularly basis. I dance and laugh as much as possible. I do a lot of childish, silly stuff. I love and respect myself the most. I am greatful for who I am and appreciate everything  and everyone in my life.

I meditate, listen to motivational sequences on youtube and read books. Mostly about buddhism and law of attraction (Abraham Esther/Jerry Hicks are my absolute favorites). I don’t watch TV, I don’t read the newspaper. I try to keep myself as positive as it gets. This way I feel like I am more useful than listening to complains about the weather or political situations. Due to my positive and light hearted attitude I feel good and I can support others. I love to feel inspired and to inspire.

For the food routine, I’ve been motivated by Ayurvedic healing food and my friend’s/colleague’s blog www.ourcleanjourney.com. It’s all vegan and I love the positive vibes coming through. I appreciate the state of mind, the lifestyle, the easy and light way to nurture  while eating. When you eat doesn’t always mean that you nourish your body. Nutrition is an important part of my well being. I love avocado, papaya and berries. I ADORE coconut products: coconut oil for cooking/body/hair, coconut yoghurt, coconut ice cream, coconut water, coconut milk, coconut sugar AND the latest discovery coconut vinaigrette! All organic, all natural, non GMO. Although I have to admit that I love beer, champagne, cakes and chocolate 😉

As long as you love yourself you are going to do the best to feel good and eat well. Everything is up to you, because it’s  all about selflove, selfappreciation, self-respect. You need to know what makes YOU feel good and what’s the opposite. You don’t need to compare your life to others. Just stay true to yourself and walk your path, you don’t need anyone’s approval or consignment.

… AND age has nothing to do with your lifestyle!

If you feel like you want more details about any of the above, just feel free to contact me on my email: laura@laura-aboutawoman.com or wait for the next Sketchbook 🙂

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