Sexiness is a mindset

Selfconfidence creates sexiness

Is it OK to be sexy, if you are a woman of a certain age?! Men are „allowed“ to be sexy and desirable at all ages, no matter what. But women?! By sexy I don’t mean your breast or your booty on everyone’s face.

I’m just wondering: what’s the difference between men and women when they are getting older and with older I mean 30+.
I am not talking about the personality, the character of the individual.
I am talking about the appearance, about our perception of someone, what your eye can catch. Why should women be „well behaved“? Why is it wrong to feel and be sexy?

Hundreds of thousands of women don’t feel pretty or sexy, attractive or desirable anymore. The society or social media is telling you that you are TOO OLD to be that way. Or too heavy or too short or too tall or too i don’t even know what.
Why should you hide? Look at those crispy guys on Instagram. Tasty, yummie, delicious! Real MEN! They are 40+, 50, maybe 60 and they are sexy as f***. They look gorgeous. Male models. WOW! White hair, white beard, tattoos. Hell yeah! Amazing! They don’t care about their age – no one does. They are successful. Proud. Cool. Sexy.

Where are all the sexy women in their best age? I’m far away from being a feminist, far far away… but excuse me!?! I’m asking myself: what’s going on? Why hiding? “It’s not classy” or “you’re married”, “you’re too old honey”, “that’s embarrassing”. This is what you get to hear if you’ve posted a nice pic of you at the gym or wearing a bikini. WHY?!?!?! What’s wrong with women being sexy? Just because your birth certificate says that you’ve been around for a while?

Where are all DIVAS gone? Remember Coco Chanel, Marylin Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Rita Hayworth or Marlene Dietrich? They knew how to create sexiness and a myth around themselves.

You go to the gym, you are aware of your food routine. You are classy and attractive even when your butt is a bit bigger than a Granny Smith apple. Your hair is glossy and your skin is like a fresh peach (you don’t count the “sun rays” around your beautiful eyes). So, why for god sake, you shouldn’t be sexy on a picture? On a social media platform as well?
I don’t get it…

I appreciate the way I look very much. I am blessed, fortunate. I love to have fun, I love to dance, I love going out and feeling sexy, being pretty in general.
I am totally self confident. I’m not an exhibitionist, although I do sometimes like to dress sexy.
I would love to see more women my age, younger or older, feeling sexy and confident. Why should I hide? Why should a woman over 30 hide?

It isn’t the age, the size, the weight. All of these are just numbers. It is your self confidence, your self appreciation. Do you love yourself? Do you appreciate yourself?
DO IT! Like the old Nike advertising: JUST DO IT! Love yourself! Appreciate yourself and the way you are. Be confident and most of all: be yourself!
I do! I love my life and myself – just the way I am!
“You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty and irresistible for the rest of your life.” Coco Chanel


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