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I just had a conversation the other day (which turned into a motivational speech, LOL).
We were talking about aging. My friend just turned 31 and she was reflecting on her life. What did she achieve, where did she want to be in 5 years from now, what makes her happy. I know exactly what she means, how she feels.
When I turned 32 I had the so called “quarter life crisis”. For a few years I was a different person: I split up with my partner with whom i was together for 7 years, I was partying non-stop for a year, I quit my sexy job at a great cosmetic brand and did nothing for 6 months.

Panic! I was afraid of getting older, I was afraid of aging. I felt like i was loosing myself and control over my life, but somehow I felt free. I didn’t know who I was anymore. I thought I wasn’t worthy, I didn’t accomplish anything. I felt like i was just getting older and had nothing to “show” for it. There was no evidence of my right to be here. I felt like falling. I did nonsense stuff, trying to please others, trying to be everybody’s darling. I felt like I had no substance, no content. I was there. Always on the surface, no depth, no profundity.

You already had your Botox „phase“ when you were 35, you looked like „the beauty and the beast“ (and let me tell you – I truly was the beast ;)).
At some point you found your way, you found the balance between aging and staying beautiful. Natural beauty. Why would it be wrong, if you didn’t want to age like everyone else? Would it be wrong if you found yourself, after all you’ve been through? You know that you’re worthy you know that you are beautiful and most of all you know who you are and you know what you want!

Being yourself means feeling happy with who you are. The decisions you take to be the person you want to be, inside and outside. It’s always your decision.
You don’t need to wait like an apple, till you’re decomposing. You can change your lifestyle, your routine and keep your beauty, keep yourself happy and young. Self-confidence creates self-sexiness. I know that now!
You see yourself everyday in the mirror and you like the fresh version of you. You like what you see?! Keep it that way. Whatever other people are telling you – it does not matter. Most of the people are going to judge you anyway. Who the f*** cares? Only you and your opinion matters. It’s your life, your face, your body. Your decision and your responsibility.
Your inner light is there – no doubt, but why shouldn’t it come through a glowing skin, a smile on a happy face?

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