Honestly, you do need a little help: eating healthy, going to the gym, practicing yoga, having a meditation and morning routine. Drinking your honey and lemon warm water, having a sophisticated skin care routine and helping a bit now and then with some cosmetic “fine tuning” and pimping your eye lashes a little.. You want to feel great. You want to feel gorgeous, to feel sexy. What’s wrong with that?!

One of my precious clients and in the meantime valued friend, is my consultant in all my cosmetic and beauty matters. I’ve known her for a while now and she is the most trustful esthetician I’ve ever met. Her name is Dr. Michaela Meister,  at medkos.

She asks me what do I see in the mirror, where do I want “improvements”?
As I’ve been through some beauty experiments, I decided to do what makes me look fresh and young. I usually go every now and again, which means once a year, to get a chemical peeling followed by the plasma therapy. I start in October – going till December.
Please consider that your beautician has to offer you the right “menu”, customized for you, your skin quality and your desired effect.

How old are you, how old do you look? I’m 44 and I feel and think that I look like thirty something…
Have you ever done any “jobs” on yourself?
I did… A few. I’m glad about that experience and that I’ve found my proper way.

You create your life, you create yourself. This is something you can start every day.

                     Meso éclat peeling                                                                                                     Dr. Michaela Meister

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