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It isn’t a matter of age

I thought there are more than enough “beauty blogs” out there. It wasn’t my intention to write anything in that category. I am doing it for the dear people, who were asking me to do it.
I feel flattered, because my treasured and super successful friend Jay Rox suggested to me that I write down my skincare routine and some tips about how to get radiant healthy skin.

As a former beautician who’s now working in a high-end jewellery company with 20 something girls between 19 and 28 y.o., I obviously have a good reputation when it comes to ageing and still looking great. It is a nice feeling to know that they appreciate and admire my lifestyle, asking for tips and tricks. So sweet! „Why do you look the way you do, what are you doing/using? Why is your skin always glowing and why is your hair shiny?“
The cutest thing that I ever heard was: “I want to look the way you do, when I’m as old as you are”. Awesome compliment (LOL). This sentence says it all. It is kind of a confirmation that I’ve done quite a nice job in keeping myself well maintained.
A few of you can still remember the times when I was working as a training manager for Lancôme Cosmetics. I started at the age of 28, exactly on my birthday. It was a beautiful time and I’ve learned a lot about the skin and the way the products, ingredients are working on it. I’ve learned how important a skin care routine is and how to get your skin to glow.
Okay ladies, enough of my blabla, here are the facts:
The most important thing is the cleaning process. No matter how tired, horny or drunk you are… take the day off your skin! Always! No f*** excuses. There hasn’t been a day on which I didn’t took off my make up or didn’t clean my face.
Water is not enough. You have 2 steps in your daily morning/evening routine. You have to firstly use a soap/oil/cream/milk (depending on your skin type). I have a normal/ mixed skin and I prefer milk (Galateis/Lancôme), very seldom soap, followed by a toner. The toner (Miracle Boost Essence/Juvena) is essential as it is preparing the skin for the cream or lotion you are going to use afterwards, which is step number 3 in your daily morning and evening routine.
I first use my eye cream, I wait for a minute and then I use the face cream. Why? Because the eye area is more sensitive and much more strained. Therefore it needs a special treatment(Benefiance/Shiseido) right before the facial cream(during the day Skin Energy& Juvelia/Juvena).
At least once a week I do a scrub followed by a deep cleansing clay mask (Pure Empreinte/Lancôme) and 1 or 2 hydrating masks. The first mask is usually a very light, gel mask which penetrates the skin very quickly (Hydrating Plus Gel Mask/Juvena – my absolute favourite, most amazing product on earth!) and the second one is a rich one, which I leave on during the night (Sensai/Kanebo).

Twice a month I do my coconut oil routine. That means every other weekend I transform into a marinated chicken. Coconut oil from head to toe. I leave it on for at least one day and one night, coconut oil marinade, this includes my hair. I wear cotton leggings and a long sleeve shirt using a towel on the pillow, over night. Always organic, pure coconut oil. Your skin and your hair quality are going to improve quickly and you’re going to see the results very soon. Coconut oil has a very light structure and it penetrates the skin very easily. So far on the „surface“.
Furthermore I am treating myself from „inside“ as well. Warm water with lemon in the morning on a empty stomach, helps remove the toxins out of your body, which means clear skin. Avocado, papaya and flax oil are essential to me as well. It improves my skin and hair quality. And last but not least, coconut water! There is nothing that replenishes the whole body as good as coconut water does.

The cosmetic industry is doing a great job in creating new products and new technologies. What you should be looking for? First of all you need to know your skin type and the needs of your skin. You don’t need to stick for ever with the same brand. I am alternating between Juvena (wintertime) and Perricone (summertime). I know my body and my skin very well and I know exactly when I need to change something.
Learn to listen to your body and skins needs. Some pills and hormone products do have a big impact on your skin quality, so please be aware of that. Stress is also playing a considerable role. Pimples, skin rushes, dryness and itchiness are signs for misbalance, physical and/or psychical.

Eating healthy, as often as possible supports your efforts. Being positive, dancing, laughing and keeping yourself happy will help you more than any products. A smile in the mirror every morning is going to create miracles.

Shine my angel, it’s your birthright!


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