How I’ve got to experience Miami for the first time

A fairy tale – Snowwhite in Miami

…or how I’ve got to experienced Miami for the first time.

Do you believe in fairy tales? I do! I am convinced that one day my prince is going to see me somewhere and fall for me. He is going to come to me, telling me that he was searching for me his entire life and now he finally found me. And „ they were living happily ever after“!

I was asking myself, if this might be a good story to tell. Well, it’s s my life. If you think is a good one or not, I can’t change it either way, for it is real.

Have you ever did some crazy stuff? Stuff like, you met a guy on a dating platform, you were chatting for days? 6 to 7 hours – day and night? While chatting for hours on the phone it felt like you were already in a kind of a relationship!? Without ever seeing that guy? No? You see – this is exactly why I say I do crazy stuff.
I met this guy on eHarmony, almost 3 years ago. He didn’t hesitate and he asked me very quickly for my phone number. I was „new in that field“ and I gave him my number. (Yes I know – crazy). He called right after. Italian accent, deep and super sexy voice. I liked the sound of his voice and whatever he was saying. I kind of fell in love with this guy – without ever meeting him in person. We were chatting every day and night. He was funny and charming. I felt connected and I liked the idea of a guy and a perfect relationship. After a few weeks, we decided to meet each other. So, he booked me a flight to Miami for his birthday. As I mentioned a few times, I do crazy stuff, so as I thought this is way too long to wait, so I booked myself an earlier flight. A month before the „birthday flight“. I told him that – and he was very excited about my earlier arrival. Me too- I couldn’t wait. He was sending me flowers at work, he was so charming – it felt like a fairy tale.
The day of my departure came and I was nervous as hell. I flew to Florida, without knowing anything! What is he going to be like in person and who is this guy. Thousands of thoughts – but not a second of doubt that I’m doing the right thing.
He was supposed to wait for me at the airport. Pure excitement!
Snowwhite’s first trip to Miami, going to meet the prince… and guess what – he was there!
But unfortunately I did not recognized him at all! The guy who was waving me, was at least 10 years older than on his pictures. Boom – in your face! Far away from home in a city I’ve never been before. I was praying for the 7 dwarfs and even for the stepmother (LOL).
To cut a long story short, he was 58 not 48 as he said. He didn’t look like the pictures I saw on his profile (those were at least 10 to 15 years old) and he was constantly chatting with 100 other girls. Just his voice and accent were still very sexy. He was very charming and nice, but my fairy tale ended in a nice trip to Miami and a new friend with benefits. In this case the benefits weren’t the sexual type. I’ve got to know and love Miami as a local and not as a tourist. I laughed a lot, I ate a lot, I’ve been to wonderful places but I didn’t met my prince. Yet.
We decided to stay friends, which is working very well. Every time I’m in Miami he is taking care of me, being a real friend. Miami feels like home to me and there are a few things I don’t want to miss.
AND YES! I still believe in fairy tales. More than ever. Everything happens for a reason, on a higher purpose and each failure is not a mistake, it’s a lesson. Stay real, stay to who you are and learn to accept that you are just perfect the way you are and you are enough! Good enough, beautiful enough, strong enough, smart enough, funny enough! YOU ARE ENOUGH, whatever you do! At the end everyone regrets what he/she didn’t do. It’s your life, do epic shit and love yourself for that.



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