Miami hot babes guide

Welcome to Miami, benvenito a Miami!

Have you ever been to Miami? OMG! You should GIRL, you should! Hey mamasita, que linda.
Hey – I’m not Linda, sorry hun…
That spot is hot. Soooo hot.
Whatever you want to do, however you want to spend your time. Everything is there. You want to be the super tourist? Go for it… South Beach/ Ocean Drive and Lincoln Road, that’s your spot girl (they call you girl all the time LOL).
Restaurants, bars, beaches, shopping malls, shops… all yours. Make sure your Visa is working in the States and let it burn GIRL! Go to Ricky’s cosmetics – it is like paradise! I bought my Marvis tooth paste there- in the flavor jasmin mint. To die for. Do you remember the taste of your childhood? You do? Me too. I used to eat flowers, like jasmin and acacia. I’ve tried everything as a child! Not just good tasting things. But my tooh paste reminds me of those easy going days where I had nothing else to do, just choosing my new stuff to eat, terrifying my mom to the limit, because she never new what I was eating next. OMG. Poor mom. I’m sorry!

Sorry, I loose myself sometimes. Details and just rambling around “bla bla”. If you love food, the way I do, please check on MILOS for lunch or dinner. Absolutely fantastic!
By the way – my personal HOT SPOT (close to Lincoln road) is a tiny Pizza place called “VisaQ1”. PLEASE try their Pizza Marco. Tomatoes, mozarella, stracetti and arugula. OMFG! You’re going to get really fat, morbidly obese, but it’s worth it. Big butt is in girlll ( was heisst das?) ! And if your booty doesn’t fit in your jeans anymore, go to Adriano Goldschmied store. If you are a skinny doll you won’t have any trouble to find denim, wherever you want, but if you have a bootylicious – aka bubblebutt, go for AG jeans please. So many different styles and fabrics. You’re going to find your perfect one over there – trust me!

And by the way, if your jeans are stretchy, you can indulge a coffee and the best almond croissant at Pinocchio – vero italiano, molto delicioso!(do you think I love carbs? ;))



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