Santa is coming to town

Santa is coming to town

Christmas time, stressfull or delightfull? Your choice!

Who is coming to bring you all the beautiful presents at this time of the year? Is it Santa Claus, Das Christkind, is it Deduschka Moroz and Snegurochka, Mos Craciun? Or are you celebrating Hannukah – the festival of lights?
Whatever it is, it’s all about spending quality time with your beloved ones. It should be about love and appreciation, about gratitude and joy. But this isn’t the case for everyone. Could you observe that it is all developing into a stressful, crazy gift chasing time? Who is buying what for whom?! Did you see the grumpy faces? You met the Grinch not Santa? Not my kind of holidays.

What if you’ve create your own „religion“, you have your own beliefs and these beliefs are creating your reality?! Is it wrong?!
I’ve decided to „pick the raisins“ from each cake. I’m not religious. I’m spiritual. I do believe in something. I believe in energy, source energy. I believe in myself. God, Ganesh and Buddha are sharing a place on my little altar. The Bible and the Talmud are next to each other. All seams to be fine. The Universe and ALL THAT IS (yes I believe in the law of attraction too) are busy with fulfilling my dreams.

Having my meditation and a prayer every day seams to work very well for me. Listening to Abraham Esther Hicks teachings changed a lot in my life. Visiting and singing worship songs in the church with my friends is joyful like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Appreciating everything and everyone in my life and being greatfull every day feels right. Being kind as often as I can, makes me feel happy. Do I care for others? I do. Am I a good human? I am. It doesn’t matter what your religion is, if you are giving your best every day and your heart is pure, you’re going to earn… appreciation and love. LOVE is my religion!

… and even if you are SINGLE!
There are many of us out there. I mean singles. Women and men, without children. For us, this time of the year is a little different than for the couples, the married ones, the couples with children. We are on our own. We have our parents and/or siblings. We spend the time with them or with other friends which are in the same “social box”. Bridget Jones spirit is in many of us. This doesn’t mean we are not worthy or not happy. Maybe you just choose to wait for someone who loves to have fun, who loves to love, who is happy without a reason, who loves the independence and freedom while being in a relationship. Someone who choose to be with you, just because! All day, every day. Be fun, be the happiness itself, focus on what you have, forgive the past and be love!
Find peace in your own heart, believe in yourself and the magic of life. Be thankful, be humble and you’re going to find wisdom. Stay true and be kind. Love yourself, love the goddess that you are, love your inner light and shine! It’s your birthright!

Merry fourth advent!





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