XMAS single style

Happiness is a choice

Are you single? This time of the year being single is quite… hmmm, let say weird. You don’t really know how you feel about being a single, the situation or how to handle all this family holidays thing. Your married friends are with each other and/or with their families. Your friends with children are exhausted by all the preparations, gift chasing and planing. Your own family is worried and doesn’t really know how to handle the single you. Your single friends are depressed, swimming in their ocean of pettiness. They blame their ex, Christmas and the whole f*** world for this holiday thing. Well… tough shit!
AND I f*** know what I am talking about. Been there, done that. I am single for 4 years now. Did I choose so? Obviously! At the beginning I thought life sucks. Men suck.
I won’t go into details. I’m so done with my past. My past doesn’t define me anymore. I was chewing on my last (actually fake) relationship for about 3 years. I was pissed off and thought that all men are the same. In one word: assholes. It took me a while to understand that no one did anything to me, I attracted that relationship in order to be developing to who I am today. It was the greatest lesson of my life. Due to this relationship I’ve found my true self. I was reflecting over my life, I was analyzing myself, my attitude, my mindset and my entire lifestyle. And let me tell you – it wasn’t a piece of cake to get here. The road was rough and bumpy, but I am here. Standing stronger than ever, being authentic and honest. Being the women I always wanted to be. Honest to myself, honest to everyone around me, clear minded and happy. Happy all by myself.
So, the last 6 Christmas holidays were beautiful because of my family, but I felt kind of lost. I felt lonely and worthless. I thought I don’t deserve any better. BUT THAT’S SO FUCKING WRONG!!!
I deserve the best, so do you, everyone does! Whatever the reason for you being single is. You might be in love with someone who’s not “free” for you, yet. You might have decided to walk alone for a while or you might have been left by your partner, your divorce is long ago and your kids by their moms or they are grown ups… Whatever the reason is, you are worthy and you deserve the best! I’ve learned that. It took me 4 years to understand WHY ME?!? Because I needed to learn, I needed to find myself, I needed to make this journey by myself, clearing my mind, understanding my desires and who I am. My life can’t be a compromise. I can’t be in a relationship with anyone who isn’t ready for me, just to not be single, just for the sake of a relationship. I want to be with someone who loves the freedom in a relationship. I want to wake up in the morning next to the right person, feeling grateful for another day that we decided to spend together. This Christmas, and the next one and the next and the next… till the end of our time.
AND this is the reason I’m still single these holidays. No drama, no tragedy, no sadness. Easy going, joyful and happy. Happy because I know that what I want is on the way, since I know and believe that everything is working out for me. I enjoy the journey, having fun and feeling happy, eager for the day. I appreciate each moment, every day – all day. Abraham Hicks teachings are my daily motivation and I feel blessed by all the lessons I was allowing to be learned.
There is nothing wrong with you. There is nothing wrong to be single. You (and me) are going to find that special ONE when you are ready. Ready to accept who you are and fill yourself up with love, expand and be LOVE.

As a little girl I thought that Christmas was about “baby Jesus” birth and that he needs a home. Sorry! We were little communists back there and my granny was the only religious person in the family… she told me the story of Christmas, her way. So, I was convinced that the only thing at Christmas is about finding a nice home for “baby Jesus”.
Now I know it better: this time of the year should be about relaxing in the comfort of love and in the middle of your beloved ones. It’s about serenity and bliss. About love, appreciation and gratitude for your warm home and your family and friends.
So, I feel blessed by being alive, healthy and whole. I feel blessed for my family, my friends, my coworkers, my boss, my clients, my job, my home, my faith. I am rich! I can spend all my love everyday because this is a infinite source. Love is the only thing that ain’t a thing and costs nothing. Be generous! Spend love on everyone around you! Love, gratitude and appreciation for everyone!

Merry Christmas XOXO


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