New Years F***ing resolution

New Years F***ing resolution

Do you think that this is going to be your year? Are you eager for 2017? You really can’t wait to get started? Because you have 1000 new ideas, 47 new plans on how to get rich, skinny, sporty, sexy, loved, smart, married or whatever?!?!
Well I have some bad and some good news. First the bad ones: this isn’t The Wizard of OZ… there is no magic in here. Nothing is going to change as long you don’t change your way of thinking, the way you feel, the way you look at life. The good news is: undoubtedly YOU can be the creator of magic! YOU and only YOU can change everything. Believe, trust, have faith.

Setting goals on IG or FB or telling your friends and family about it, promises to yourself that you are going to do this and that, aren’t the spark that will create the magic. This is more pressure on yourself, more HARD work, less fun and a bunch of doubts… “Am I really going to go to the gym twice a week? Am I really going to loose 5 kg? Am I going to write the book I’ve started last year? Am I going to change my behaviour? Am I going to act different in certain circumstances?” etc… All these questions are creating more doubts and more negativity than anything else. Why would you do this to yourself? WHY? Because everyone does it, right? NEW YEAR, NEW ME! Why? What’s wrong with the 2016 (OLD) you?

Starting with “baby steps” is going to give you a good, relaxed feeling. Don’t think about what you are going to do the whole year. Think moment by moment, day by day. It’s going to release the pressure and give you much more good moments and more self confidence. You are going to have more fun and the accomplishments of your every day “feeling good moments” are going to lead you to more happiness on your own, more satisfaction and more positive thoughts and energy.

My New Years resolution is no resolution! I’m moving further with the “2016 me”. It was a great year! A year full of lessons, teachings, blessings! I’ve learned so much about myself, I’ve found my true self. I was blessed to meet wonderful people, some of them are treasured friends now. I’ve started this sketchbook and opened it up to everyone. I’ve shared my experiences with everyone who wanted to join me on my path of truth. I understood that there is nobody who can do anything for me, unless I am ready to do everything for myself.
Learning to appreciate and love myself was a great achievement. I am more in love with myself than ever.
I love my life. I love everything and everyone around me. I love my family, my friends, my job. I love my colleagues, I love my boss, I love my clients. I love my home. I love the opportunities that last year brought into my life.

So, in 2017 don’t put more pressure on yourself. Do less, feel more. Feel your body, feel your vibes, feel the way you feel when you think about things. Say, repeat endless, get into the happy loop of freedom and tell yourself and your environment how you would love to see yourself.
I want to have even more fun and more love in my life! I love the idea of being fit and healthy. I adore the idea of being loved. I appreciate the idea of freedom so very much. I love the idea of me on the beach, wearing a nice, colourful bikini. I like the idea of my beautiful, healthy, strong body. I love to have fun. I love to laugh. I love to feel good. I love to eat well. I like the idea of me traveling wherever I want. I love the idea of me in a great relationship. I love bodacious conversations. I love to kiss and be kissed. I love to be a deliberate creator of my own reality, of my own life. I adore the idea of me being in alignment with my inner being. I like to write and share my thoughts. It makes me happy to know that I am able to do and be whatever I want.

Fill yourself with love, appreciate everything and everyone in your life, but most of all – LOVE YOURSELF! This might be a good NEW YEARS RESOLUTION!