Girls just wanna have fun

Do you remember the time you had fun while rain was dripping down your face? Did you open your mouth to taste the rain…? I did! As a kid, were you playing in every puddle? Did you enjoy your wet feet while they were making weird noises in your shoes, while your mom was trying to get you out of the puddle? Can you remember the smell of rain and your wet hair? I do!

Do you remember the time you were waiting for snow and you ran out to play? Did you jump around, fall down and you were actually happy about falling? You were laughing and you did your snow angel? Me too!

Do you wake up in the morning and play your favorite playlist while dancing like no one’s watching (because no one really watches;-)) Do you jump and laugh by yourself? I do! And I LOVE IT! I know my age but this doesn’t mean that I can’t have fun. I know that I am a grown up woman, although I still feel like a little girl sometimes. I adore this feeling! I love having fun. I love to laugh. I like to dance. I love the life that I’ve managed to live.

Your inner child is always there. You can play, be creative, be curious, dance, sing… Sometimes you might feel sad or angry, sometimes happy and joyful. Sometimes you might wish you can still be a child, protected by your parents, having your cozy place, not taking responsibilities for anything. Listen to your inner being and feel. It’s going to lead you to what you need and want. You are a grown up but this doesn’t mean that you have to loose your lightness.

Be happy. Stay young at heart. Be joyful, enjoy your wonderful life and even the rain! Take an umbrella, your rubber shoes and everything is going to change… the sun is in your heart and your playful spirit!
From time to time be wild, be happy , uncontrollable – embrace your inner child and laugh from your heart. Jump around and get crazy! F*$%@ growing up! Be free and do epic shit, no matter what people think about you… Some people are going to judge you – they do that anyway, others will get inspired by you! You can’t change any of that. You can just change your mindset.
(Did I just said SHIT? Yes! SHIT! Isn’t that fun?! I am allowed to say whatever I want because I am a grown up! Yes!)

Why does the rain bother us? Because our expensive shoes are going to be damaged and our hair is getting curly (I don’t care, I have straight hair, spaghetti hair – always and I bought the coolest rubber shoes! IN RED with lemon scent. Hahahaha.) Why does the snow bother us, why does the cold bother us, why does the heat bother us? Why for god sake do we always complain and discuss the weather? We can’t control or change it. BUT we are adults and we want to control and change everything in life. Everything! We have forgotten how much fun we had when we were children. We had control over nothing and we were happy just by crawling in mud and smelling flowers.

I love my life so tremendously … I love it the most when I’m going totally crazy. Crazy little funny freak! That’s me alright.


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