Dreams and nightmares

Sometimes you have the most beautiful dream and you don’t want to wake up. You want to stay in that magnificent world and feel those beautiful feelings. Sometimes you have bad dreams, nightmares and you wish you could escape. You wish you could realize, that it’s just a nightmare and you’re able to escape whenever you want…because it’s YOUR bad dream. You can control it. I know it sounds weird to most of you, but it is true.

In my twenties and thirties I had plenty of nightmares. That was the reason I started to „research“ on dreaming and interpretation of dreams. I had the chance to talk to a scientist, named Marvin (I mean come on, nothing happens just like that, everything happens for a reason, it has a higher purpose… that is my belief!). As a native speaker, he taught English at Berlitz school for languages in Vienna. At that time, I was working for Lancôme as a training manager and I was trying to get through all the material we had for trainings, but my English wasn’t good enough. I couldn’t really identify with the school topics, that’s why I asked him to talk to me about more interesting things like traveling or what he’s doing for a living. I wanted to improve my English skills while having fun.
One day, we were talking about my nightmare and he started to get extremely excited about it. He told me, that you can be aware in your dream about having that dream. It takes a while to get there, you need to practice a specific technique, but it is possible. As soon as you get there, you can tell yourself that you’re dreaming and you have no reason to be afraid anymore plus you can bring yourself back to an awake state.

Meanwhile when I have a dream, a very vivid and intense one, I’m searching in the dream lexicon what my dream meant and then I’m searching in my mind or my heart for the explanation related to what happens in my life right now. What is bothering me and why?

We dream in order to get over feelings… good or bad ones. If we wouldn’t dream we would get mentally sick. Fear, anger, grief and other negative feelings are coming up like nightmares. your subconscious is trying to understand it and work on those feelings in order to keep you balanced in your everyday life, so you can „function“. You talk about that nightmare and you feel relieved, you feel better.

Lately I had a bad dream. I felt like someone was in my bed, an old angry woman trying to hurt my back with a key(?!). I woke up, as I knew this was just a dream. But believe me or not, that pain was there, for more than an hour. OMG! I tried to understand what my subconscious was telling me. I still have no clue. I let go of it.

So every time you have a nightmare, go deep into your heart and ask yourself, what it might be trying to tell you. What do you need to work on. Wishing you all sweet dreams.

Do you remember your dreams?
Do you have any nightmares?
Are you trying to understand your dreams?


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