Power struggle

Change your attitude and you’re changing your entire world, everything around you.

Everyone wants changes. “The others need to change, the world has to change, but not me. Why should I change? I am perfect the way I am… I’ve always been like that, I always did that.” Did that work out for you? “No, but this is who I am”. Why should you keep swimming against the current? Why the resistance? Why not changing when you recognize that the way you were doing your thing, doesn’t serve you right? Swimming against the current might be courageous, brave even but how long can you do that for? At some point, your power will be gone, your arms are going to feel tired and you’re going to get weak… you might even drown. Was it worth it?

You feel angry. You just had a fight with your partner, the father of your child or with your boss, maybe with a colleague or your daughter. You see that this is going to get really bad. An argument, hurt feelings, sadness. Is it necessary? Really? Always?
I believe that it isn’t. As soon you recognize what it’s about, you can change the outcome. IT IS UP TO YOU! Believe it or not. If you don’t get into the fight, if you just understand that it might be just 2 different personalities or 2 different opinions, you’re going to be more gentle. If you see that it might be about a power struggle, “WHO IS THE STRONGEST?”, you’re going to step back. Not because you’re weak or a coward. Because you understand that YOU have the power to decide about war or peace. YOU recognize the game and you know exactly what to do in order to change the situation for the good. Ask yourself if it’s your Ego who wants the fight. As soon as you ask yourself this question, you already won.

So many people want REVENGE. Revenge brings them relief, a better feeling, standing on the higher grounds… I say this is bull$%&. Thinking of revenge, brings you in a negative down spiral of emotions. Blaming “the others” won’t bring you happiness. It might bring you a moment of satisfaction(it’s human) but not happiness. Each coin has two sides, each fight needs 2 parties.

There is nothing wrong with being emotional, nothing wrong with having your own opinion, nothing wrong with feeling like “I’m right”. It’s human, it’s “normal”. Although, controlling your thoughts and controlling your emotion is very satisfactory in the long term.
You can’t even count how many times you’ve said “I’m sorry, I didn’t meant it”. How many times you’ve heard it yourself? How did you feel about that sentence? Did it help you feel better? Did that take the pain away? I’m sure the answer is no.

You and only you have the power to change the results. You are self confident and understanding, you are generous, compassionate and you should take your time to just breath. Breath! have a break and think loving thoughts. I promise, its going to change your entire emotional life.

Change is the only constant



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