Mens sana in corpore sano

Have you ever worked hard for a goal? How strong is your mind, how determined are you to reach your goal?

I remember a time when I was trying to do something I’ve never done before. I wasn’t a sports person ever, I’ve always been a dancer. I wasn’t interested in sports at all. Because of a friend of mine, I got into the „IRON MAN“ fever. It was so inspiring to see all the athletes, professionals as well as amateurs, men and women, young and old. Wonderful energy, great spirit.

After experiencing it as a casual bystander, I’ve decided to do it myself. I wanted to be one of THEM. I’ve found the best trainer you can get (he is an amazing athlete and super professional) and met him in order to discuss how he can manage to train someone like me… No sports experience and my genuine fear. I don’t think that I ever told you about my biggest fear: WATER. I am afraid of water. It doesn’t matter if is the ocean, the see or a swimmingpool. So, as I am afraid of water, I was thinking that the best idea might be to have someone professional teach me how to swim and that I might get rid of it. (additionally you have to know that I am a diver, had my PADI done at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia – and yes, even after that I was still afraid of water).
However, I started to train with a professional training plan and with my trainer: 6 days/week, 12-16 hours, tuesday to sunday. Monday was my day off. Twice a week cycling, running and swimming. I felt great, invincible. I was proud of myself and the way everything went for me. I’ve learned to swimm and to love it. I’ve learned to ride the bike and liked it. Running was the only sport I was practicing before. Not really, but I ran a marathon, so I knew how to handle my energy. (I ran the marathon with a 2 month preparation time, just to show my ex boyfriend that I can do it and reach whatever goal i set myself… yeah, I have some issues though)
My Ego was pressuring me a lot at that time. I’ve started something big, I have to finish it, no matter what!
To cut a long story short, I was preparing for the Iron Man Triathlon for 2 years. Due to a job promotion, I was not able to maintain my training plan anymore and at the end I wasn’t able to attend the triathlon. This was mentally the worse setback I’ve ever experienced. Not consciously, but subconsciously. Working as hard as I did for two years and not getting anything in reward, was mind blowing, in a bad way. I started to get sick, couldn’t sleep anymore, I was unhappy and frustrated. It went so far that I felt like I’m experiencing burn out. You surely know about the „BURNOUT“ syndrome. I felt like GAME OVER, PLEASE INSERT COINS. I was done! With everything. I was out of order for a year. In this year I wasn’t able to work, to meet anyone, not even my family. I quit my job, ended my relationship and lost myself. It took me a lot to get back on track. Back on the wagon.

You might ask yourself what I want to say with this story… Just a simple example of how our life can be changed by disharmony between our body and mind. As long as I was able to workout and see my goal in front of me, I was healthy, happy and centered. As soon as I couldn’t follow my goal, my private/personal goal, I’ve lost the inner balance. My body wasn’t challenged anymore, so my mind lost the focus and I lost myself.
Determination and focus can change everything in life. A healthy, strong body gives your focused mind the perfect environment to grow, to evolve, to be brilliant.
Now I’m trying my best to keep a healthy work out routine, practicing, working out regularly without pressure. I’m having fun and I enjoy to observe my improvements. My mind is clear and strong. I know that I can reach whatever I want, just by taking it easy but being focused on what I want. Being relaxed and at ease offers me the possibility to enjoy and love what I do. My body is toned and healthy and my mindset is just right for the moment.



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