In love with a beautiful mind – Infatuation

Love has different facets. We love our partner, we love our family, we love things, we love songs, we love books, we love stories, we love food… we use this word inflationary (you know what I mean? like money bills without a value) mostly or always related to conditions. We rarely love unconditionally. We usually don’t love strangers, we don’t love the unknown, we don’t love without conditions, we don’t love without EXPECTING something in return, at least love.

Have you ever fallen in love with somebody’s mind? I mean without knowing the person, falling in love with the way he/ she thinks, with the way he/ she talks, writes, laughs at your jokes? Without ever meeting that person, without seeing him/ her? Falling in love with someone’s mind, maybe I should say falling in love with someone’s soul, because I think that there is love between souls before love between people… this kind of love doesn’t need circumstances nor conditions. It is an extraordinary, mind blowing love experience. You don’t have a body to fall for. There is nothing from what you know about physical attraction. There is not even what we know as chemistry – no molecules that interfere with your brain waves.
This is the kind of unconditional love that makes you grow. It changes your life view. Infatuation! Absolute and divine, pure and strong, free from expectations serving one purpose… the higher purpose! Letting you feel more happiness, while you’re happy.

Conditions on love are bold, that’s stubborn thinking. When you love someone or something because you get something in return, it might turn unpleasant. The person it might not love you back. But if you love someone just BECAUSE, there is no disappointment. You love just because you like the conversation, you love just because the sound of his/ her voice make your heart beat faster, you love because it awakes your desire, you love just because the strings of your soul were being played. You love because you are! As you breathe! Why you shouldn’t love something just because its there?

I don’t care any longer about the RULES of society. I decided to swim against the current (when it comes to love), even if sometimes is tiring. Against the current means not necessarily being stubborn. It means staying to my true self, standing for my beliefs, allowing to be “different” and feeling free. Making decisions every day/ all day, decisions to love whatever feels for me like love. It might be a song not everyone knows, it might be a book that’s sucks me in unexpectedly , feeling other peoples feelings, it might be a woman I met a few times and she instantly becomes my sister from another mother, it might be a man who’s voice feels to my ear like liquid gold or may sun rays on my skin… it might be everything. Love is like a kaleidoscope… it keeps changing forms and colors, depending on how you turn it.
LOVE IS MY RELIGION and I allow myself to love and fall in love with whoever and whatever I feel like wanting to fall in love with. Falling for everything that vibrates like love, being vulnerable, receptive and alive.


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