The F*** boy generation

Yeah! I know! For the ones my age… I never heard that terminology before either. A few weeks ago I didn’t know about this, lets say, phenomenon. “The Internet has born the f***boys” I’ve been told. I asked my good friend what does he mean by saying that, I don’t get it… He tried to explain. By the end of his explanation I was a little shocked, although I’ve experienced myself part of the story. Let me give you an Idea about it.

Internet, social media, the World Wide Web! Immense vastness of information, infinite possibilities of connections. All kind of connections.
The story: girl twenty something, thirty something, forty something. Boy – age doesn’t count, doesn’t matter. Instagram. Facebook. DM (direct message) or Messenger. Boy likes pics, boy writes a DM. Girl is answering. They chat for a while. With a while I mean, weeks, maybe months. At the beginning just casual conversation. Getting to know each other. Boy is cute, charming, fun. Girl falls in love with boy. Without ever seeing each other, except the pics that were sent. Boy initiate a meeting. Girl even more in love. She thinks she is special. She thinks he is exceptional, he is different. She thinks, he might be the one. She opens up. Not just her heart… you know exactly what I mean by saying that. BOOM! She is head over heels in love. AND HE…?! He is gone!
Yep! This is how it works these days.

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against casual sex. I validate whatever makes people happy. There is an agreement between two parties. Adults on life’s playground. Playing with each other. I am super cool with arrangements between two grown ups. BUT I’m not cool with hurting someone’s feelings.
This generation, this society needs anyhow a revolutionary change. The partnership models are antiquated, old school, soooo yesterday. Obviously, sex is nothing intimate anymore. Sex rules. Sex sales. Using and being used (just remembering Eurythmics song Sweet dreams right now).

The f***boys generation. They abuse not just a body. They abuse trust, feelings, a heart. Girls are trusty, wishing for a deep connection and a loyal partner. They don’t know better. They trusted them.
Unfortunately the worse thing about all this, is that the next guy (even when he is good one) is going to pay for it.
Ain’t cool though!