Shifting energies

What happens when you talk about your date with other people?

When something good happens and you talk about it and you instantly feel scared or afraid that you are going to loose it (this is what happens to me – all the time). Did you ever have that feeling?

It has for sure to do with my beliefs and the way I grew up… I am so superstitious, G’SUS… I’m from Romania. We believe in spells and black cats that kind of s***.

Well, now I’m a modern, grown up woman (at least on the outside) and I think it’s all about the law of attraction – what you think you attract. Being afraid of something, attracts exactly that. You attract the wanted and the unwanted. Whatever you focus on, is becoming reality. That’s the law(of attraction).
I am now working properly on my vibrations and doing my best to control my feelings and thoughts. It works quite nice, most of the time, but sometimes I fall of the wagon and then I feel kind of terrified, because I know exactly how powerful my mind is.

Ok guys, I’m coming up with the real story. You might have experienced that yourself.

Every time you meet a guy, you start to feel comfortable and you think that the two of you go together pretty well. A lunch, a dinner, a movie, your first kiss. All is well. Then you want to share your excitement and you talk with some friends/your close pals about it. AND then suddenly this guy isn’t interested in you anymore… he literally disappears! Just like that! From one day to another.
You did nothing wrong(at least you don’t know it) the date the night before was great! You just talked to your best friend about how amazing it feels , and next second he’s gone. I mean – wtf?! I don’t get it. What went wrong?! I really don’t know, but is super annoying. Is this a psychological thing? Is it you vibrating something you don’t even realize? I have no f*** clue!
I am trying to understand it so I think and rethink. I try to remember what could have been the reason, what did I say or did that moved him to vanish.
Or it is just my old beliefs? Is it the law of attraction because „this happens to me all the time“?
I would love to understand this phenomenon. Super irritating. I’ve been through this a few times. So weird! The last time it was with a guy I couldn’t imagine that it might ever happen. He was so smart, so witty, honest and trustful. Such a nice person! He was so into me. And one day he said: “I’ll call you on Monday”… this is been 2 years ago… never heard about him ever again. Maybe he’s dead. Or he’s been abducted by aliens… nobody knows.

Yeah, sad story! Falling in love after 4 years, was so easy. He made it easy. Falling for him was like flying. I couldn’t even believe that it happened to me. He, amazing personality, great guy! Me, like a 15 yo. Head over heels in love. End of the story? Shifting energies?

Maybe it’s like the first 3 months of a pregnancy. No one talks about it till the 4th month. Till they are quite sure that everything is going to be fine with the baby.

So, my conclusion to this: from now on, keep that „relationship-baby“ safe by not talking to other people. Enjoy the “safe time”, where no one is going to give you any good advice or tell you that he’s probably the wrong guy. Such a talk is going to change the energy and start a momentum you don’t want.
Keep the energy clear and you might make it for longer than 2 weeks. Eventually.
Let that beautiful energy enrich both of you and don’t spread it around while you started to build your relationship. Protect it like a beautiful rose!
Try to work on your thoughts and vibrations. Think loving thoughts!