An early Mothers-day thought * when words matter

My Mother – My Hero – My brightest Star

My mother is my sun! She keeps my heart warm and my soul sparkle. She taught me unconditional love without teaching me.

I feel endless love and appreciation for this amazing woman. She loves me exactly the way I am. She never tried to change me. She always loved and supported me in whatever I wanted to do! She doesn’t give a f*** about other people’s opinion of my life. She encourages me and gives me strength when I need it. She is my lighthouse whenever I feel lost or spacy. I am thankful that she allowed me to grow to be the woman I am; genuine and free!
Every time I look at myself in the mirror I feel blessed. Blessed with inner beauty. Blessed with a beautiful mind and a pure soul. Blessed with harmony and love.

I grew up free of expectations. I never felt like I had to be „good“ or to do something in order to be loved.
My mother let me be who I am. She let me develop exactly the way I was supposed to develop. She never tried to make someone else out of me. She respected my personality and the woman I was meant to be. From the very beginning she always trusted my decisions and appreciated the clarity of my mind.

There are no words to explain the feeling of gratitude I feel. There is nothing more fulfilling than the feeling of unconditional love.
I know, everyone thinks that a mother must love their child unconditionally, but this is not always the truth.
„Be good, do this and do that, listen to my words, you have to…, if you are like this, if you do that, if if if… I am going to love you“. Love upon conditions.

I feel like unconditional love is „the seventh sense“. I know that we LOVE to limit ourselves to five senses: see it, hear it, smell it, feel it, taste it… but there is the sixth sense which in my opinion is our intuition and the seventh sense would be unconditional love. These two go hand in hand. Unconditional love can’t be felt physically. It is a state of mind, a decision taken by your so called soul.

Unconditional love, means loving someone without conditions, without expectations. It is the purest form of love. It goes beyond the word itself, beyond the meaning we are used to. It is limitless. It goes beyond time and space and expends whenever you allow it. It goes beyond the „boarders“ of your conscious mind and creates new worlds within yourself and around you.



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