From drama queen to drummer queen

How I became a drummer…
Three years ago on my way to Miami on an ultra old UA plane. When I say ultra old imagine the tv screens in the middle of the aisle, your stiff neck because the one screen is above you, like you’re sitting in the first row at the movie theater… furthermore having to see the same movie over and over again, like 3 times . The flight attendants young at heart, but looking like this flight would be the last one straight to the retirement home. Well,  just so you have an idea of how this drummer thing started.

As I said, they played the same movie 3 times in a row: WHIPLASH. This movie became one of my favorite motivational movies ever. The final scene still gives me goose bumps and brings tears to my eyes.
So much passion, so much love, so much devotion, so much discipline and so much determination. This movie “reanimated” my heart, from a comatose state after my last (rich on lessons) relationship. This was the moment I started to “breath” again, feeling like I want to come back to life, wanting to feel love and passion again. Unfortunately I wasn’t ready for everything I wanted, but it was the beginning of me wanting to become free of anger, disappointment and sadness. On that day I promised myself to work on my broken heart, stitch it together and to become a drummer.

Last may I finally found the strength and energy to start taking lessons on drums. It is the most challenging thing I’ve ever done. Some of you might think that drums are a good instrument to get rid of aggression. I’m going to disappoint you. Drums are instruments that want your understanding, your attention, your patience, your passion, your heart, your brain, your whole body and plenty of time. Drums are like a longing lover. It wants all of you, the whole time.
Practicing 3-4 times a week at home, 1 time a week at the rehearsal studio and 1 time with an instructor, sounds like this “demanding lover” gets all of you.
Such a fulfilling time. Realizing that no matter your age, no matter who you are and what your story is, you always can start something new, you can always learn something new. You are never done.

“Masterpiece” by Jessie J is one of my favorite songs because I often feel like that. I am my MASTERPIECE, still working on it, never getting it done because I can always expand, learn, become more of who I really am. Becoming why I came here, in this physical body, in this life. Understanding my purpose in life, aligning with my higher self, for a higher purpose.

I am more than a single woman, without children in her 40‘s. I am more! I’m more aware, more awake, more sensitive, more passionate, more patient, more loving. I am desire, I am happiness, I am fun, I am everything! AND I am ready!
This is what drums do to me. Lovingly pushing me to learn about myself, pushing me to want more, pushing me to develop skills I didn’t know I’ll have. My brain is challenged, my body is challenged. It is like a rejuvenation process.

You can be and do whatever you want and whenever you want. You are the master and the creator of your own life, YOU and only YOU decide who you are or who you want to be.
Get ready to be ready.

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