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Law of attraction

I don’t know about you, but I believe in the magic of „the law of attraction”, since I’ve managed to live the life I started to create when I was 9.
In one of my previous sketchbooks I told you about my talk with my mom, back in Romania at the age of 9. About my plans and visions, remember? If not, you can read it at your next opportunity.

Since I understood how powerful my mind was, I started to work on it more. I don’t know how I did it, I didn’t understand how it was possible for a little girl of 9 to be so creative in her mind. Actually I’ve never questioned my “miracle”. My whole life I was told by my mom that I could be and have whatever I wanted. SO, in my opinion the world was mine and I was always going to get what I wanted.

At the age of 17 I flew to Hungary, it was 1989, just after the Hungarians were free of the communist regime, open to gather refugees from Romania. Everyone probably remembers the “fall of the Iron Curtain”,  when western countries opened their boarders for the eastern countries. (If you don’t remember this, you must be pretty young and you were not good in history ;-))
I flew without my parents, all by myself.  As I was still a minor, in Hungary , they put me in a children’s home/ orphanage. This was an unpleasant time.
Alone and naked on a chair in that huge bathroom, with some parasite delouse powder from head to toe, it wasn’t what I ever dreamed of… I was brought in to an empty room with bars at the windows, all alone for 2 days. At that time I developed such a strong desire to get out of there and begin to live the life I was dreaming about.

I’m not going to talk much about my refugee time, at least not today – maybe another time. The introduction was important so you understand that anything is possible, as long there is a strong desire and will.
With time I’ve realized how important it is to be careful and aware of my thoughts and words. I still don’t know how everything happened or came to me. People told me I was lucky and everything just flows to me. At the time I thought they were right, I am “just” a lucky girl.
Today I KNOW that it has nothing to do with being lucky, it has do do with the power of my mind. The power of my thoughts and the spoken word. We seldom realize how strong our words are and what they are able to do for or to you.

When the book “the secret” came out , I couldn’t really read it because I couldn’t feel it and the global hysteria about it made it impossible for me to get into it. Since my boss gave it to me as a present, I felt an obligation to read it, so I would be able to talk about it if she were ever to ask me something…
Honestly, it isn’t my kind of book. But due to this book, I became curious and wanted to UNDERSTAND, which meant my mind wanted proof. I bought the book “the master key system” by Charles Haanel. This book was my “eye opener” and gave me the answer my mind needed, so I could work on my CREATION, creating the life I always wanted.
This was the beginning of my journey. My spiritual journey into the world of endless possibilities, deliberate creation, manifestation of all my so called dreams. This was the point where I understood how I did it when I didn’t know what I was doing… me, the little Romanian girl,  going west,  reaching for the stars.

And here I am now, a strong, happy, healthy, grateful woman. Now, having the perfect knowledge, and using the most powerful device: my creative mind. Aware of my feelings, controlling my thoughts and my words, creating my own reality and living my dreams.

I am still reaching for the stars, because now I know how to get them.

May 1990 (Me at the age of 17 after 8 months in Austria – I know you love my style. Madonna and Cindy Lauper were jealous too)

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