Loyalty – overrated?

What do you think about loyalty? Is it old fashioned to trust and believe that your partner is loyal? Is it naivety ? Do people nowadays still have partnership values?

Everyone has an Instagram or/and Facebook account. Singles as well as people in romantic relationships. How do you feel about men and women liking pictures of other people of the opposite sex? Would you accept your partner „following“ some hot girl and liking her every picture?
When does „cheating“ start? When your partner is physically having sex with another person or does cheating already start before that? In your or your partners head.

From drama queen to drummer queen

How I became a drummer…
Three years ago on my way to Miami on an ultra old UA plane. When I say ultra old imagine the tv screens in the middle of the aisle, your stiff neck because the one screen is above you, like you’re sitting in the first row at the movie theater… furthermore having to see the same movie over and over again, like 3 times . The flight attendants young at heart, but looking like this flight would be the last one straight to the retirement home. Well,  just so you have an idea of how this drummer thing started.

The F*** boy generation

Yeah! I know! For the ones my age… I never heard that terminology before either. A few weeks ago I didn’t know about this, lets say, phenomenon. “The Internet has born the f***boys” I’ve been told. I asked my good friend what does he mean by saying that, I don’t get it… He tried to explain. By the end of his explanation I was a little shocked, although I’ve experienced myself part of the story. Let me give you an Idea about it.

In love with a beautiful mind – Infatuation

Love has different facets. We love our partner, we love our family, we love things, we love songs, we love books, we love stories, we love food… we use this word inflationary (you know what I mean? like money bills without a value) mostly or always related to conditions. We rarely love unconditionally. We usually don’t love strangers, we don’t love the unknown, we don’t love without conditions, we don’t love without EXPECTING something in return, at least love.

Mens sana in corpore sano

Have you ever worked hard for a goal? How strong is your mind, how determined are you to reach your goal?

I remember a time when I was trying to do something I’ve never done before. I wasn’t a sports person ever, I’ve always been a dancer. I wasn’t interested in sports at all. Because of a friend of mine, I got into the „IRON MAN“ fever. It was so inspiring to see all the athletes, professionals as well as amateurs, men and women, young and old. Wonderful energy, great spirit.

Power struggle

Change your attitude and you’re changing your entire world, everything around you.

Everyone wants changes. “The others need to change, the world has to change, but not me. Why should I change? I am perfect the way I am… I’ve always been like that, I always did that.” Did that work out for you? “No, but this is who I am”. Why should you keep swimming against the current? Why the resistance? Why not changing when you recognize that the way you were doing your thing, doesn’t serve you right? Swimming against the current might be courageous, brave even but how long can you do that for? At some point, your power will be gone, your arms are going to feel tired and you’re going to get weak… you might even drown. Was it worth it?

The eX factor

The eX factor – let go and move on with your life!

No, I am not talking about the TV show, I’m talking about all the ex’s in our lives.

At my age I can say, there are some on my list. Actually really good men, intelligent, funny, lovable.
Why I’m coming up with this topic? Just a few days ago I was reading a headline : “How to win your ex back”.
And i thought: Why would you want to win your ex back? What would be a good reason to run after your past?