Dreams and nightmares

Sometimes you have the most beautiful dream and you don’t want to wake up. You want to stay in that magnificent world and feel those beautiful feelings. Sometimes you have bad dreams, nightmares and you wish you could escape. You wish you could realize, that it’s just a nightmare and you’re able to escape whenever you want…because it’s YOUR bad dream. You can control it. I know it sounds weird to most of you, but it is true.

In my twenties and thirties I had plenty of nightmares. That was the reason I started to „research“ on dreaming and interpretation of dreams. I had the chance to talk to a scientist, named Marvin (I mean come on, nothing happens just like that, everything happens for a reason, it has a higher purpose… that is my belief!). As a native speaker, he taught English at Berlitz school for languages in Vienna. At that time, I was working for Lancôme as a training manager and I was trying to get through all the material we had for trainings, but my English wasn’t good enough. I couldn’t really identify with the school topics, that’s why I asked him to talk to me about more interesting things like traveling or what he’s doing for a living. I wanted to improve my English skills while having fun.
One day, we were talking about my nightmare and he started to get extremely excited about it. He told me, that you can be aware in your dream about having that dream. It takes a while to get there, you need to practice a specific technique, but it is possible. As soon as you get there, you can tell yourself that you’re dreaming and you have no reason to be afraid anymore plus you can bring yourself back to an awake state.

Meanwhile when I have a dream, a very vivid and intense one, I’m searching in the dream lexicon what my dream meant and then I’m searching in my mind or my heart for the explanation related to what happens in my life right now. What is bothering me and why?

We dream in order to get over feelings… good or bad ones. If we wouldn’t dream we would get mentally sick. Fear, anger, grief and other negative feelings are coming up like nightmares. your subconscious is trying to understand it and work on those feelings in order to keep you balanced in your everyday life, so you can „function“. You talk about that nightmare and you feel relieved, you feel better.

Lately I had a bad dream. I felt like someone was in my bed, an old angry woman trying to hurt my back with a key(?!). I woke up, as I knew this was just a dream. But believe me or not, that pain was there, for more than an hour. OMG! I tried to understand what my subconscious was telling me. I still have no clue. I let go of it.

So every time you have a nightmare, go deep into your heart and ask yourself, what it might be trying to tell you. What do you need to work on. Wishing you all sweet dreams.

Do you remember your dreams?
Do you have any nightmares?
Are you trying to understand your dreams?


Girls just wanna have fun

Do you remember the time you had fun while rain was dripping down your face? Did you open your mouth to taste the rain…? I did! As a kid, were you playing in every puddle? Did you enjoy your wet feet while they were making weird noises in your shoes, while your mom was trying to get you out of the puddle? Can you remember the smell of rain and your wet hair? I do!

Do you remember the time you were waiting for snow and you ran out to play? Did you jump around, fall down and you were actually happy about falling? You were laughing and you did your snow angel? Me too!

Do you wake up in the morning and play your favorite playlist while dancing like no one’s watching (because no one really watches;-)) Do you jump and laugh by yourself? I do! And I LOVE IT! I know my age but this doesn’t mean that I can’t have fun. I know that I am a grown up woman, although I still feel like a little girl sometimes. I adore this feeling! I love having fun. I love to laugh. I like to dance. I love the life that I’ve managed to live.

Your inner child is always there. You can play, be creative, be curious, dance, sing… Sometimes you might feel sad or angry, sometimes happy and joyful. Sometimes you might wish you can still be a child, protected by your parents, having your cozy place, not taking responsibilities for anything. Listen to your inner being and feel. It’s going to lead you to what you need and want. You are a grown up but this doesn’t mean that you have to loose your lightness.

Be happy. Stay young at heart. Be joyful, enjoy your wonderful life and even the rain! Take an umbrella, your rubber shoes and everything is going to change… the sun is in your heart and your playful spirit!
From time to time be wild, be happy , uncontrollable – embrace your inner child and laugh from your heart. Jump around and get crazy! F*$%@ growing up! Be free and do epic shit, no matter what people think about you… Some people are going to judge you – they do that anyway, others will get inspired by you! You can’t change any of that. You can just change your mindset.
(Did I just said SHIT? Yes! SHIT! Isn’t that fun?! I am allowed to say whatever I want because I am a grown up! Yes!)

Why does the rain bother us? Because our expensive shoes are going to be damaged and our hair is getting curly (I don’t care, I have straight hair, spaghetti hair – always and I bought the coolest rubber shoes! IN RED with lemon scent. Hahahaha.) Why does the snow bother us, why does the cold bother us, why does the heat bother us? Why for god sake do we always complain and discuss the weather? We can’t control or change it. BUT we are adults and we want to control and change everything in life. Everything! We have forgotten how much fun we had when we were children. We had control over nothing and we were happy just by crawling in mud and smelling flowers.

I love my life so tremendously … I love it the most when I’m going totally crazy. Crazy little funny freak! That’s me alright.


New Years F***ing resolution

New Years F***ing resolution

Do you think that this is going to be your year? Are you eager for 2017? You really can’t wait to get started? Because you have 1000 new ideas, 47 new plans on how to get rich, skinny, sporty, sexy, loved, smart, married or whatever?!?!
Well I have some bad and some good news. First the bad ones: this isn’t The Wizard of OZ… there is no magic in here. Nothing is going to change as long you don’t change your way of thinking, the way you feel, the way you look at life. The good news is: undoubtedly YOU can be the creator of magic! YOU and only YOU can change everything. Believe, trust, have faith.

Setting goals on IG or FB or telling your friends and family about it, promises to yourself that you are going to do this and that, aren’t the spark that will create the magic. This is more pressure on yourself, more HARD work, less fun and a bunch of doubts… “Am I really going to go to the gym twice a week? Am I really going to loose 5 kg? Am I going to write the book I’ve started last year? Am I going to change my behaviour? Am I going to act different in certain circumstances?” etc… All these questions are creating more doubts and more negativity than anything else. Why would you do this to yourself? WHY? Because everyone does it, right? NEW YEAR, NEW ME! Why? What’s wrong with the 2016 (OLD) you?

Starting with “baby steps” is going to give you a good, relaxed feeling. Don’t think about what you are going to do the whole year. Think moment by moment, day by day. It’s going to release the pressure and give you much more good moments and more self confidence. You are going to have more fun and the accomplishments of your every day “feeling good moments” are going to lead you to more happiness on your own, more satisfaction and more positive thoughts and energy.

My New Years resolution is no resolution! I’m moving further with the “2016 me”. It was a great year! A year full of lessons, teachings, blessings! I’ve learned so much about myself, I’ve found my true self. I was blessed to meet wonderful people, some of them are treasured friends now. I’ve started this sketchbook and opened it up to everyone. I’ve shared my experiences with everyone who wanted to join me on my path of truth. I understood that there is nobody who can do anything for me, unless I am ready to do everything for myself.
Learning to appreciate and love myself was a great achievement. I am more in love with myself than ever.
I love my life. I love everything and everyone around me. I love my family, my friends, my job. I love my colleagues, I love my boss, I love my clients. I love my home. I love the opportunities that last year brought into my life.

So, in 2017 don’t put more pressure on yourself. Do less, feel more. Feel your body, feel your vibes, feel the way you feel when you think about things. Say, repeat endless, get into the happy loop of freedom and tell yourself and your environment how you would love to see yourself.
I want to have even more fun and more love in my life! I love the idea of being fit and healthy. I adore the idea of being loved. I appreciate the idea of freedom so very much. I love the idea of me on the beach, wearing a nice, colourful bikini. I like the idea of my beautiful, healthy, strong body. I love to have fun. I love to laugh. I love to feel good. I love to eat well. I like the idea of me traveling wherever I want. I love the idea of me in a great relationship. I love bodacious conversations. I love to kiss and be kissed. I love to be a deliberate creator of my own reality, of my own life. I adore the idea of me being in alignment with my inner being. I like to write and share my thoughts. It makes me happy to know that I am able to do and be whatever I want.

Fill yourself with love, appreciate everything and everyone in your life, but most of all – LOVE YOURSELF! This might be a good NEW YEARS RESOLUTION!



Daddy’s little princess


As a little girl you have dreams, you have desires, you create a world around you and you try to understand how life works.

No, the little girl on that pic isn’t me, but she is part of my family. She is growing up like any other little girl and she is just one of many. They all share similar feelings.
Girls growing up without a mother, growing up with an alcoholic father, growing up with a violent father, growing up without a father, growing up with the memory of a father who left the family, growing up with a sick father, growing up with a step father, growing up without knowing who her father is, being raised by her grandma, growing up without feeling loved by the father…
A girl needs her father. She needs his attention, his appreciation, his love and the feeling of being protected. She wants to be daddy’s little princess.

I always felt loved by my parents. My mom was and still is a wonderful mother and she was always a “do-er”, I got that from her. My father was a talented handyman. He was able to fix everything and I’ve got that from him. I picked all the good things from both of them.
Having both parents was important to me. As an adult you see things differently and you understand a lot of them much better.
Growing up with an alcoholic, sick dad was very challenging and my childhood for sure was not a piece of cake. When he was drinking it wasn’t a good time. He was angry and abusive. It was difficult for me to understand what’s really going on. I was sad every time he was drunk and I was just praying that he might stop drinking one day. My mom wanted the best for us and so she got divorced. He stopped drinking just a few weeks after the divorce and so they started a new relationship with each other.
During these times I obviously developed my beliefs regarding men, relationships and what a girl needs to feel happy and loved. Those beliefs were anchored for a long time, very deep in my mind and also in my soul. Subconsciously I’ve saved all the feelings and emotions, everything I’ve been through, trying to sort things out . “Cleaning up my closet”, selecting and placing memories around, trying to figure out what I should keep and what I should let go.
It took me a while to see that none of the beliefs are really benefitting me. I’ve learned to let go. Let go of my beliefs, let go of the sad memories and let go of the hard feelings. Forgiving and letting go feels right. I am greatful for every lesson and for the strength I have developed. I am not defined by my past, I am not a little helpless girl. Stirring around in the past wouldn’t do anyone any good. There is nothing that can be changed or be “corrected”. Nothing!
I am a strong, grown up woman and I know that everything depends on me. I take the decisions to be happy and I do this all day everyday. I embrace my inner child and I know that I am safe. Daddy’s little princess is a “do-er”.

Whether you grew up in challenging surroundings with your dad or you never met him, whether he didn’t love you enough or he left you behind, whether he was never there for you or wheatear he deeply hurt you… heal those scars by forgiving him. Forgive yourself, love yourself the most and let go of your negative beliefs. Feel compassion for him because he didn’t know any better. You are not defined by your childhood, by your past, by the way you grew up. You are a grown up woman, creating your own life, your own reality, your own happiness. Day by day, for the rest of your beautiful, fulfilled happy life.

PS: Rest In Peace dear dad! Love and light!

XMAS single style

Happiness is a choice

Are you single? This time of the year being single is quite… hmmm, let say weird. You don’t really know how you feel about being a single, the situation or how to handle all this family holidays thing. Your married friends are with each other and/or with their families. Your friends with children are exhausted by all the preparations, gift chasing and planing. Your own family is worried and doesn’t really know how to handle the single you. Your single friends are depressed, swimming in their ocean of pettiness. They blame their ex, Christmas and the whole f*** world for this holiday thing. Well… tough shit!
AND I f*** know what I am talking about. Been there, done that. I am single for 4 years now. Did I choose so? Obviously! At the beginning I thought life sucks. Men suck.
I won’t go into details. I’m so done with my past. My past doesn’t define me anymore. I was chewing on my last (actually fake) relationship for about 3 years. I was pissed off and thought that all men are the same. In one word: assholes. It took me a while to understand that no one did anything to me, I attracted that relationship in order to be developing to who I am today. It was the greatest lesson of my life. Due to this relationship I’ve found my true self. I was reflecting over my life, I was analyzing myself, my attitude, my mindset and my entire lifestyle. And let me tell you – it wasn’t a piece of cake to get here. The road was rough and bumpy, but I am here. Standing stronger than ever, being authentic and honest. Being the women I always wanted to be. Honest to myself, honest to everyone around me, clear minded and happy. Happy all by myself.
So, the last 6 Christmas holidays were beautiful because of my family, but I felt kind of lost. I felt lonely and worthless. I thought I don’t deserve any better. BUT THAT’S SO FUCKING WRONG!!!
I deserve the best, so do you, everyone does! Whatever the reason for you being single is. You might be in love with someone who’s not “free” for you, yet. You might have decided to walk alone for a while or you might have been left by your partner, your divorce is long ago and your kids by their moms or they are grown ups… Whatever the reason is, you are worthy and you deserve the best! I’ve learned that. It took me 4 years to understand WHY ME?!? Because I needed to learn, I needed to find myself, I needed to make this journey by myself, clearing my mind, understanding my desires and who I am. My life can’t be a compromise. I can’t be in a relationship with anyone who isn’t ready for me, just to not be single, just for the sake of a relationship. I want to be with someone who loves the freedom in a relationship. I want to wake up in the morning next to the right person, feeling grateful for another day that we decided to spend together. This Christmas, and the next one and the next and the next… till the end of our time.
AND this is the reason I’m still single these holidays. No drama, no tragedy, no sadness. Easy going, joyful and happy. Happy because I know that what I want is on the way, since I know and believe that everything is working out for me. I enjoy the journey, having fun and feeling happy, eager for the day. I appreciate each moment, every day – all day. Abraham Hicks teachings are my daily motivation and I feel blessed by all the lessons I was allowing to be learned.
There is nothing wrong with you. There is nothing wrong to be single. You (and me) are going to find that special ONE when you are ready. Ready to accept who you are and fill yourself up with love, expand and be LOVE.

As a little girl I thought that Christmas was about “baby Jesus” birth and that he needs a home. Sorry! We were little communists back there and my granny was the only religious person in the family… she told me the story of Christmas, her way. So, I was convinced that the only thing at Christmas is about finding a nice home for “baby Jesus”.
Now I know it better: this time of the year should be about relaxing in the comfort of love and in the middle of your beloved ones. It’s about serenity and bliss. About love, appreciation and gratitude for your warm home and your family and friends.
So, I feel blessed by being alive, healthy and whole. I feel blessed for my family, my friends, my coworkers, my boss, my clients, my job, my home, my faith. I am rich! I can spend all my love everyday because this is a infinite source. Love is the only thing that ain’t a thing and costs nothing. Be generous! Spend love on everyone around you! Love, gratitude and appreciation for everyone!

Merry Christmas XOXO


Santa is coming to town

Santa is coming to town

Christmas time, stressfull or delightfull? Your choice!

Who is coming to bring you all the beautiful presents at this time of the year? Is it Santa Claus, Das Christkind, is it Deduschka Moroz and Snegurochka, Mos Craciun? Or are you celebrating Hannukah – the festival of lights?
Whatever it is, it’s all about spending quality time with your beloved ones. It should be about love and appreciation, about gratitude and joy. But this isn’t the case for everyone. Could you observe that it is all developing into a stressful, crazy gift chasing time? Who is buying what for whom?! Did you see the grumpy faces? You met the Grinch not Santa? Not my kind of holidays.

What if you’ve create your own „religion“, you have your own beliefs and these beliefs are creating your reality?! Is it wrong?!
I’ve decided to „pick the raisins“ from each cake. I’m not religious. I’m spiritual. I do believe in something. I believe in energy, source energy. I believe in myself. God, Ganesh and Buddha are sharing a place on my little altar. The Bible and the Talmud are next to each other. All seams to be fine. The Universe and ALL THAT IS (yes I believe in the law of attraction too) are busy with fulfilling my dreams.

Having my meditation and a prayer every day seams to work very well for me. Listening to Abraham Esther Hicks teachings changed a lot in my life. Visiting and singing worship songs in the church with my friends is joyful like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Appreciating everything and everyone in my life and being greatfull every day feels right. Being kind as often as I can, makes me feel happy. Do I care for others? I do. Am I a good human? I am. It doesn’t matter what your religion is, if you are giving your best every day and your heart is pure, you’re going to earn… appreciation and love. LOVE is my religion!

… and even if you are SINGLE!
There are many of us out there. I mean singles. Women and men, without children. For us, this time of the year is a little different than for the couples, the married ones, the couples with children. We are on our own. We have our parents and/or siblings. We spend the time with them or with other friends which are in the same “social box”. Bridget Jones spirit is in many of us. This doesn’t mean we are not worthy or not happy. Maybe you just choose to wait for someone who loves to have fun, who loves to love, who is happy without a reason, who loves the independence and freedom while being in a relationship. Someone who choose to be with you, just because! All day, every day. Be fun, be the happiness itself, focus on what you have, forgive the past and be love!
Find peace in your own heart, believe in yourself and the magic of life. Be thankful, be humble and you’re going to find wisdom. Stay true and be kind. Love yourself, love the goddess that you are, love your inner light and shine! It’s your birthright!

Merry fourth advent!





How I’ve got to experience Miami for the first time

A fairy tale – Snowwhite in Miami

…or how I’ve got to experienced Miami for the first time.

Do you believe in fairy tales? I do! I am convinced that one day my prince is going to see me somewhere and fall for me. He is going to come to me, telling me that he was searching for me his entire life and now he finally found me. And „ they were living happily ever after“!

I was asking myself, if this might be a good story to tell. Well, it’s s my life. If you think is a good one or not, I can’t change it either way, for it is real.

Have you ever did some crazy stuff? Stuff like, you met a guy on a dating platform, you were chatting for days? 6 to 7 hours – day and night? While chatting for hours on the phone it felt like you were already in a kind of a relationship!? Without ever seeing that guy? No? You see – this is exactly why I say I do crazy stuff.
I met this guy on eHarmony, almost 3 years ago. He didn’t hesitate and he asked me very quickly for my phone number. I was „new in that field“ and I gave him my number. (Yes I know – crazy). He called right after. Italian accent, deep and super sexy voice. I liked the sound of his voice and whatever he was saying. I kind of fell in love with this guy – without ever meeting him in person. We were chatting every day and night. He was funny and charming. I felt connected and I liked the idea of a guy and a perfect relationship. After a few weeks, we decided to meet each other. So, he booked me a flight to Miami for his birthday. As I mentioned a few times, I do crazy stuff, so as I thought this is way too long to wait, so I booked myself an earlier flight. A month before the „birthday flight“. I told him that – and he was very excited about my earlier arrival. Me too- I couldn’t wait. He was sending me flowers at work, he was so charming – it felt like a fairy tale.
The day of my departure came and I was nervous as hell. I flew to Florida, without knowing anything! What is he going to be like in person and who is this guy. Thousands of thoughts – but not a second of doubt that I’m doing the right thing.
He was supposed to wait for me at the airport. Pure excitement!
Snowwhite’s first trip to Miami, going to meet the prince… and guess what – he was there!
But unfortunately I did not recognized him at all! The guy who was waving me, was at least 10 years older than on his pictures. Boom – in your face! Far away from home in a city I’ve never been before. I was praying for the 7 dwarfs and even for the stepmother (LOL).
To cut a long story short, he was 58 not 48 as he said. He didn’t look like the pictures I saw on his profile (those were at least 10 to 15 years old) and he was constantly chatting with 100 other girls. Just his voice and accent were still very sexy. He was very charming and nice, but my fairy tale ended in a nice trip to Miami and a new friend with benefits. In this case the benefits weren’t the sexual type. I’ve got to know and love Miami as a local and not as a tourist. I laughed a lot, I ate a lot, I’ve been to wonderful places but I didn’t met my prince. Yet.
We decided to stay friends, which is working very well. Every time I’m in Miami he is taking care of me, being a real friend. Miami feels like home to me and there are a few things I don’t want to miss.
AND YES! I still believe in fairy tales. More than ever. Everything happens for a reason, on a higher purpose and each failure is not a mistake, it’s a lesson. Stay real, stay to who you are and learn to accept that you are just perfect the way you are and you are enough! Good enough, beautiful enough, strong enough, smart enough, funny enough! YOU ARE ENOUGH, whatever you do! At the end everyone regrets what he/she didn’t do. It’s your life, do epic shit and love yourself for that.



Miami hot babes guide

Welcome to Miami, benvenito a Miami!

Have you ever been to Miami? OMG! You should GIRL, you should! Hey mamasita, que linda.
Hey – I’m not Linda, sorry hun…
That spot is hot. Soooo hot.
Whatever you want to do, however you want to spend your time. Everything is there. You want to be the super tourist? Go for it… South Beach/ Ocean Drive and Lincoln Road, that’s your spot girl (they call you girl all the time LOL).
Restaurants, bars, beaches, shopping malls, shops… all yours. Make sure your Visa is working in the States and let it burn GIRL! Go to Ricky’s cosmetics – it is like paradise! I bought my Marvis tooth paste there- in the flavor jasmin mint. To die for. Do you remember the taste of your childhood? You do? Me too. I used to eat flowers, like jasmin and acacia. I’ve tried everything as a child! Not just good tasting things. But my tooh paste reminds me of those easy going days where I had nothing else to do, just choosing my new stuff to eat, terrifying my mom to the limit, because she never new what I was eating next. OMG. Poor mom. I’m sorry!

Sorry, I loose myself sometimes. Details and just rambling around “bla bla”. If you love food, the way I do, please check on MILOS for lunch or dinner. Absolutely fantastic!
By the way – my personal HOT SPOT (close to Lincoln road) is a tiny Pizza place called “VisaQ1”. PLEASE try their Pizza Marco. Tomatoes, mozarella, stracetti and arugula. OMFG! You’re going to get really fat, morbidly obese, but it’s worth it. Big butt is in girlll ( was heisst das?) ! And if your booty doesn’t fit in your jeans anymore, go to Adriano Goldschmied store. If you are a skinny doll you won’t have any trouble to find denim, wherever you want, but if you have a bootylicious – aka bubblebutt, go for AG jeans please. So many different styles and fabrics. You’re going to find your perfect one over there – trust me!

And by the way, if your jeans are stretchy, you can indulge a coffee and the best almond croissant at Pinocchio – vero italiano, molto delicioso!(do you think I love carbs? ;))



Glowing skin

It isn’t a matter of age

I thought there are more than enough “beauty blogs” out there. It wasn’t my intention to write anything in that category. I am doing it for the dear people, who were asking me to do it.
I feel flattered, because my treasured and super successful friend Jay Rox suggested to me that I write down my skincare routine and some tips about how to get radiant healthy skin.

As a former beautician who’s now working in a high-end jewellery company with 20 something girls between 19 and 28 y.o., I obviously have a good reputation when it comes to ageing and still looking great. It is a nice feeling to know that they appreciate and admire my lifestyle, asking for tips and tricks. So sweet! „Why do you look the way you do, what are you doing/using? Why is your skin always glowing and why is your hair shiny?“
The cutest thing that I ever heard was: “I want to look the way you do, when I’m as old as you are”. Awesome compliment (LOL). This sentence says it all. It is kind of a confirmation that I’ve done quite a nice job in keeping myself well maintained.
A few of you can still remember the times when I was working as a training manager for Lancôme Cosmetics. I started at the age of 28, exactly on my birthday. It was a beautiful time and I’ve learned a lot about the skin and the way the products, ingredients are working on it. I’ve learned how important a skin care routine is and how to get your skin to glow.
Okay ladies, enough of my blabla, here are the facts:
The most important thing is the cleaning process. No matter how tired, horny or drunk you are… take the day off your skin! Always! No f*** excuses. There hasn’t been a day on which I didn’t took off my make up or didn’t clean my face.
Water is not enough. You have 2 steps in your daily morning/evening routine. You have to firstly use a soap/oil/cream/milk (depending on your skin type). I have a normal/ mixed skin and I prefer milk (Galateis/Lancôme), very seldom soap, followed by a toner. The toner (Miracle Boost Essence/Juvena) is essential as it is preparing the skin for the cream or lotion you are going to use afterwards, which is step number 3 in your daily morning and evening routine.
I first use my eye cream, I wait for a minute and then I use the face cream. Why? Because the eye area is more sensitive and much more strained. Therefore it needs a special treatment(Benefiance/Shiseido) right before the facial cream(during the day Skin Energy& Juvelia/Juvena).
At least once a week I do a scrub followed by a deep cleansing clay mask (Pure Empreinte/Lancôme) and 1 or 2 hydrating masks. The first mask is usually a very light, gel mask which penetrates the skin very quickly (Hydrating Plus Gel Mask/Juvena – my absolute favourite, most amazing product on earth!) and the second one is a rich one, which I leave on during the night (Sensai/Kanebo).

Twice a month I do my coconut oil routine. That means every other weekend I transform into a marinated chicken. Coconut oil from head to toe. I leave it on for at least one day and one night, coconut oil marinade, this includes my hair. I wear cotton leggings and a long sleeve shirt using a towel on the pillow, over night. Always organic, pure coconut oil. Your skin and your hair quality are going to improve quickly and you’re going to see the results very soon. Coconut oil has a very light structure and it penetrates the skin very easily. So far on the „surface“.
Furthermore I am treating myself from „inside“ as well. Warm water with lemon in the morning on a empty stomach, helps remove the toxins out of your body, which means clear skin. Avocado, papaya and flax oil are essential to me as well. It improves my skin and hair quality. And last but not least, coconut water! There is nothing that replenishes the whole body as good as coconut water does.

The cosmetic industry is doing a great job in creating new products and new technologies. What you should be looking for? First of all you need to know your skin type and the needs of your skin. You don’t need to stick for ever with the same brand. I am alternating between Juvena (wintertime) and Perricone (summertime). I know my body and my skin very well and I know exactly when I need to change something.
Learn to listen to your body and skins needs. Some pills and hormone products do have a big impact on your skin quality, so please be aware of that. Stress is also playing a considerable role. Pimples, skin rushes, dryness and itchiness are signs for misbalance, physical and/or psychical.

Eating healthy, as often as possible supports your efforts. Being positive, dancing, laughing and keeping yourself happy will help you more than any products. A smile in the mirror every morning is going to create miracles.

Shine my angel, it’s your birthright!


facetune img_2037 img_6772

Age, aging, beautiful

Ageless and…

I just had a conversation the other day (which turned into a motivational speech, LOL).
We were talking about aging. My friend just turned 31 and she was reflecting on her life. What did she achieve, where did she want to be in 5 years from now, what makes her happy. I know exactly what she means, how she feels.
When I turned 32 I had the so called “quarter life crisis”. For a few years I was a different person: I split up with my partner with whom i was together for 7 years, I was partying non-stop for a year, I quit my sexy job at a great cosmetic brand and did nothing for 6 months.

Panic! I was afraid of getting older, I was afraid of aging. I felt like i was loosing myself and control over my life, but somehow I felt free. I didn’t know who I was anymore. I thought I wasn’t worthy, I didn’t accomplish anything. I felt like i was just getting older and had nothing to “show” for it. There was no evidence of my right to be here. I felt like falling. I did nonsense stuff, trying to please others, trying to be everybody’s darling. I felt like I had no substance, no content. I was there. Always on the surface, no depth, no profundity.

You already had your Botox „phase“ when you were 35, you looked like „the beauty and the beast“ (and let me tell you – I truly was the beast ;)).
At some point you found your way, you found the balance between aging and staying beautiful. Natural beauty. Why would it be wrong, if you didn’t want to age like everyone else? Would it be wrong if you found yourself, after all you’ve been through? You know that you’re worthy you know that you are beautiful and most of all you know who you are and you know what you want!

Being yourself means feeling happy with who you are. The decisions you take to be the person you want to be, inside and outside. It’s always your decision.
You don’t need to wait like an apple, till you’re decomposing. You can change your lifestyle, your routine and keep your beauty, keep yourself happy and young. Self-confidence creates self-sexiness. I know that now!
You see yourself everyday in the mirror and you like the fresh version of you. You like what you see?! Keep it that way. Whatever other people are telling you – it does not matter. Most of the people are going to judge you anyway. Who the f*** cares? Only you and your opinion matters. It’s your life, your face, your body. Your decision and your responsibility.
Your inner light is there – no doubt, but why shouldn’t it come through a glowing skin, a smile on a happy face?

5 years ago

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Fotos: Alina Ciuciu